Express Spearguns: From NewCaledonia

About me:

My name is Johann Le Dreau, I am a passionate of underwater hunting since my youngest age. Having always liked to tinker, I made it my job. When the confinements arrived in New Caledonia I decided to try my hand at creating wooden rifles for fun. Very quickly I took a liking to it and I made more and more frequently in order to improve myself and find the perfect recipe.

In 2020 I set up Express Spearguns and began marketing my rifles. Very meticulous, I make sure that each of my creations meets my customers' criteria. I try to improve every gun that leaves my workshop.



Your custom made rifle!

When you choose Express Spearguns, you're not only choosing a quality creation born of years of craftsmanship, you're also choosing a rifle made from the finest materials for optimum performance.

The base of the rifle comes mainly from New Caledonian woods such as mahogani, houp and kaori. The combination of these different species, transformed into glued laminates, provides exceptional strength, rigidity and handling. A layer of carbon tops it all off, making it light and perfectly finished. Accessories for the rifles come from the best manufacturers: ermess sub for mechanisms and other carriages or pulleys. for bungee cords, I use what in my opinion is the best: sigalsub.

My years of experience as a hunter and craftsman enable me to listen and understand my customers' needs. Don't hesitate to contact me by following this link for advice on choosing the rifle best suited to your program.